Airlocked! season 2

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<< Airlocked! season 2 is the second season of Airlocked!. >>


Season 2 is set in the west side of the Champion Excellence Program station, and briefly on the starship Temerity.



WARNING: Spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2 follow.

Following the mysterious messages they received at the end of Lovelocked!, Jamie Fell and Bolton White become Overseers and greet a new group of Champions. In short order they begin to die off: Toby kills Eru Chitanda with an improvised projectile weapon, and the Griffin is accidentally executed along with him; Seth Twiright poisons Angelica Ainsworth; Sadie Swenson dies in an attempt to remove her PIP; Margulis and McBurn duel to the death; Shadow Hedgehog attempts to kill Rukia Kuchiki, but she defends herself and causes him to drown; Lightning Farron finds Kurumi Ebisuzawa strangling Frederica Irving, and assists her in suicide. After the fifth trial the station's teleportation system is shut down, and Bolton and Jamie are demoted back to Champions. Xander of Nohr receives a message from E.P. instructing him to kill Bolton, who has been secretly passing information to the Champions in the guise of "Temerity." Xander kills Bolton, and is discovered at the ensuing trial, but the other Champions refuse to vote for him and, through Jamie's trickery, manage to get him declared Ultimate Champion while escaping the mass execution. The Doctor proceeds to destabilize the simulation they have been trapped in, and the surviving Champions take control of their vessel, renaming it Temerity and departing for parts unknown.

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  • Characters confirmed to share worlds with characters from past seasons: Angelica Ainsworth (Manaka Sajyou), Jane Crocker (Roxy Lalonde), Kurumi Ebisuzawa (Miki Naoki)
  • This was the first season to feature the Champions escaping the "murdergame" environment.
  • Several characters from the unaired pilot were used in this season.
  • This is the only season not to feature Champions from Eos.