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<< Airlocked! season 3 is the third season of Airlocked!. >>

Airlocked! season 3 had the theme of romance. All of the Champions selected were older, the youngest being 18 with the technical exception of one who was chronologically 7 but physically and mentally in his 30s, and the story began with their Overseer assuring them that Rule 7 was simply a reference (this season pretending to be set in an alternate universe where Airlocked! was fictional, though none of the Champions had heard of it) before being forced into the game regardless.


Season 3 is set in the luxury space mansion IGS Fantasy Sweet.



WARNING: Spoilers for Season 3 follow.

Twenty Champions arrive at the IGS Fantasy Sweet in space limos, disoriented and unsure how they got there, and are greeted by Kip Larimer, his assistant Cece Diver, and their computer PAL. It is explained that they are here to live together and bond. However, after the Champions have been in the mansion for a week, PAL rebels against its masters and traps everyone in the mansion, proclaiming that murder is their only chance of escape. The Champions resist temptation at first, but after Mai Kawasumi is executed for unintentionally killing Mikaela, Lee Wisniewski gives in and poisons Finn. Roland then loses control of himself and kills Takumi of Hoshido, with Mary Batson also killed in the crossfire. Kip tries to put an end to this, standing up to PAL, only to be suddenly vaporized, Junpei Tenmyouji losing an arm in the process. Rhys and Angel the Siren commit suicide together, only for Handsome Jack to temporarily commandeer Rhys's body before he dies, and Choromatsu Matsuno attempts to kill himself. Clarith, though, has come to believe PAL is not as evil as he appears. When Queenie Goldstein kills Homare Nishitani in hopes of changing history, the group chooses to spare her, but Clarith votes to instead put her at PAL's mercy, and her faith is rewarded. Clarith and Arianna are married, and the group discovers the truth about PAL: they have never truly met him, and the voice they had been hearing came from Kip all along, as he hoped to learn more about love while not invoking the wrath of his bosses. In the end, assured of their friendship, Kip unlocks the mansion, and the surviving Champions set fire to it as they depart for parts unknown...

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