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<< Airlocked! season 4 is the fourth season of Airlocked!. >>

Season 4 once again pits a unique cast of characters against one another under the theme of murderers. All of the participants of the fourth season have committed at least one murder prior to being scouted for the season.


Season 4 is set in a correctional facility known as Starfield Penitentiary. The ship itself had three primary floors.

True to it's name, the Champions were assigned cells containing two or three individuals in them; with a mix of single beds and bunk beds to help accommodate them.

Along with the Champion's cells, it's first floor included a Mess Hall, Kitchen, Library, Laundry room, Storage and bathrooms as well as the Councelor Aiden Price's office.

The second floor consisted of a large exercise yard, infirmary, arts and crafts room as well as a room for the ship's incinerator.

The third floor contained a greenhouse, license plate factory and two solitary cells.



WARNING: Spoilers for Airlocked! season 4 follow.

Twenty-five individuals wake up in various cells one day to realize that they have been brought to Starfield Penitentiary and expected to undergo therapy under the supervision of Counselor Aiden Price. However, a mere week into the group therapy process, the ship appears to be struck. It is boarded by a large number of autonomous robots as well as a pirate by the name of Blaze Dudely. A returning figure from the sensational first season, he sets up new rules for the killing game. In the process, Shirou Emiya dies trying to fight back. He sets up an appropriate trial grounds, when Alexander Hamilton, who was spying on the work-- is punished for entering with permission and resisting.

Each week a new, exciting motive is presented for four weeks; resulting in four new exciting cases.

Nine individuals survived, including: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Varric Tethras, Pyrrha Nikos, Max Caulfield, Will Graham, Mozu, Soma Cruz, Touko Fukawa, and Rick Sanchez.

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