Ardyn Tenmyouji

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Ardyn Tenmyouji
Also known as Ardyn Izunia (S3)

Ardyn Lucis Caelum Tenmyouji Wakasa Church of Caeldonia (S5)

Season Season 3, Season 5
Title Champion of the Infernian
Age 2000+
Height 6'5"
Weight 170 lbs (S3)

187 lbs (S5)

Species Human-passing (S3), Human (S5)
Hometown Insomnia, Lucis, Eos
Occupation Chancellor of Niflheim (S3)

King, fugitive (S5)

Likes Himself, vengeance, the Starscourge (S3)

His family, birds, coffee, sunlight, vengeance, Leonard Church (S5)

Dislikes The world, his family, being shown compassion (S3)

His brother, betrayal, abandonment, early mornings (S5)

Traits Compassionate, Self-Sacrificing
Trivia Formerly a king of the Lucian line, his real name is 'Ardyn Lucis Caelum'.
Status Dead (killed by Choromatsu Matsuno)
Ardyn Tenmyouji is a Champion from Airlocked! season 3.

Ardyn Izunia is a compassionate and patient man claiming to be royalty despite looking perpetually unkempt and disheveled. He speaks fluently and often attempts to take charge in dire situations, working to keep his fellow Champions from worrying while simultaneously keeping them at arm's length. Beneath that, however, is a profile that doesn't match what he says, a name he insists belongs to someone else, and a lack of the need to eat or sleep.

A king with a few dark secrets, Ardyn is caring and compassionate to a fault--at first.

Late in the season, he changed his name to Ardyn Tenmyouji.


WARNING: Spoilers for Airlocked! season 3 follow.


Ardyn Lucis Caelum was the firstborn of two sons of an unnamed king, possessing innate healing magic able to cure the Starscourge--an illness capable of turning humans into daemons. Because of this, he was chosen by the gods to be the savior of the world by eliminating the plague completely. However, the magic he used only took the Starscourge into his own body rather than cure it; as a result he lost his sense of taste, need to either eat or sleep, and ability to entirely feel emotions. Ultimately he was even rejected by the gods as corrupted, forbidden to ascend to the astral plane and unable to die as a result.

Called 'the Accursed', he was cast out from the kingdom by his brother and became resentful of the world and everyone in it. While it is not clear what he was doing in the two thousand years that followed, at some point he assumed the name 'Ardyn Izunia' and reemerged in the country of Niflheim as their Imperial Chancellor. His goal became the destruction of Lucis as well as the entire world through the propagation of Starscourge, at which he was successful before being defeated by Noctis Lucis Caelum.

Season 3

Judge for yourself what kind of person I am.

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Related characters and concepts

Bahamut, the Draconian

The patron deity of Ardyn's family, responsible for naming a Chosen King to save the world.

Ifrit, the Infernian

Creator of the Starscourge and source of Ardyn's Champion title.

Izunia Lucis Caelum

Izunia was Ardyn's younger brother, who deposed him when he became corrupted. Presumably, he is the direct ancestor to Noctis Lucis Caelum.


Ardyn's bodyguard and Shield of the King, a role later taken by Leonard Church. His last name is unknown.


A galaxy pigeon won in S2E15, rarely leaving Ardyn's side for the rest of the season. She nests in his scarf and often tries to preen his hair with limited success.




  • Ardyn claims to be physically thirty-five years old.
  • Ardyn is one of a small number of Champions who have received multiple species listings in different profiles, in his case going from "human-passing" to actual human.