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CECEpedia is the number one fansite devoted to InterGal 7's hit faux-reality series, Airlocked! We're devoted to collecting as much information as we can on all our favorite Champions, living or dead!

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Ardyn Izunia is a compassionate and patient man claiming to be royalty despite looking perpetually unkempt and disheveled. He speaks fluently and often attempts to take charge in dire situations, working to keep his fellow Champions from worrying while simultaneously keeping them at arm's length. Beneath that, however, is a profile that doesn't match what he says, a name he insists belongs to someone else, and a lack of the need to eat or sleep. A king with a few dark secrets, Ardyn is caring and compassionate to a fault--at first.


Did you know...


  • Season 5 will begin airing February 4.
  • Inside sources have reported that season 5 will be a reunion season featuring surviving characters from past seasons.