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This page is about a character or concept with no canonical name.

The Champions left alive at the end of a season of Airlocked! are referred to in fandom as the survivor pool. According to the stated rules of the game, this should only ever be a single person (the Ultimate Champion), but in practice every season has had multiple survivors.

Survivors by season

Season 1

These survivors were accompanied by C.E.C.E.

Season 2

These survivors were again accompanied by C.E.C.E.

Season 3

These survivors were accompanied by Cece Diver, Kip, and PAL.

Season 4

These survivors were accompanied by Aiden Price.

Season 5

These survivors were accompanied by Mina.

(An argument can be made that *all* Champions are survivors of season 5, but this is generally agreed to be missing the point.)


  • Jamie Fell and all of the survivors from season 5 were each in a survivor pool twice.
    • Because Jamie wasn't a Champion in season 5, it was never possible for any Champion to survive three times.